31 Down


Rita, Katrina and Stan

Wednesday November 2, 2005

weather, heartache, and the destruction in between...
as part of PERFORMA 05

On The Air
Free103point9 at
White Box

Featuring Thom Sibbitt as Stan
with Caitlan McDonough Thayer as Katrina
and Lian Sifuentes as Rita

Designed by Mirit Tal and Ryan Holsopple

There's a point in the day you realize that you are ordinary. You wear the same things, you listen to the same messages over and over, you make the same phone calls, you eat the same food. Nothing changes. Then something opens, something in the world makes you different. Your name is taken and abused and you have no control over who you are or the path that you will lead.

31 Down radio theater investigates this change from the ordinary; a love triangle is given new proportions due to the unlikely coincidence of natural disasters and the Hurricane naming system. Follow Stan, a fragile candidate for a new direction in life, as he helplessly tries to commnuicate with lovers; while aging slowly in that point of the day that you realize you are ordinary.

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free103point9 presents On The Air, a four-day series of transmission performances at White Box as part of WHITE NOISE for PERFORMA05. On The Air suggests an architecture, in-motion, for the reception of polyphonic radio signals in transmission-based performance. Four FM transmitters distribute four distinct channels of sound to portable radios suspended from clusters of helium-filled balloons throughout the gallery space. The radios are set in motion by fans causing the signals to at once surround and abandon the listener. For WHITE NOISE on the occasion of PERFORMA05 members of free103point9 s Transmission Artists have conceived of independent projects that inhabit and disrupt this sonic construction. On The Air begins with a live Radio 4x4 event: an improvisational performance where four artists each perform into an individual transmitters; the audience s location in tandem with the balloons determine the final mix of the collaboration. Audio ephemera from Radio 4x4 is installed throughout the project duration. Each day will feature interventions from participating artists including 31 Down, Alexis Bhagat,Matt Bua, Damian Catera, he Dust Dive, Joshua Fried, Tianna Kennedy, LoVid, Matt Mikas, Michelle Nagai, Ben Owen, Radio Ruido, and Tom Roe.